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Development of guidelines for the consideration of socio-cultural factors + optimization of existing security measures

The Strascheg Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SIIE) at the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel operates practice-oriented research, teaching and training. The core subject areas are innovation management, entrepreneurship, as well as performance management. The research field “Security & Innovation” at the Strascheg Institute bundles the competencies for the wide field of security topics, of which aviation security research is a key aspect. Amongst others, the staff members developed an integrating and integrated security management concept for airport operators, a cost-benefit assessment model for security measures and a simulation tool for analysis of operational impacts of new security measures. Another responsibility of the research field “Security & Innovation” is the coordination and management of the National Competence Center Aviation Security Research (NCAS).

Basing on the theory that a socio-cultural difference consists in the evaluation of acceptance or rejection of security measures, the objective of the sub-project 3 is to explore how aviation security – as a part of a socio-culturally driven security-construct – is affecting specific security constructions. In close cooperation with the research-partners, who are working on project-packages 1, “Theoretical Framework” and 2 “Aviation Security”, the project staff of the European Business School identifies  characteristics or criteria of security measures – due to socio-cultural factors – which are important in terms of acceptance or rejection of security measures.

The results will be integrated into an evaluation method, which has to be developed further on in cooperation with Fraunhofer ISI. Core objective of the European Business School is – in addition to assistance in the development of an assessment method – the formulation of guidelines, which show what kind of socio-cultural factors are to be considered by planning, designing and implementing security measures in aviation security. This should be done in order to increase the acceptance of these measures by the affected groups. Based on the guidelines, existing and planned security measures can be reviewed and optimized in terms of their acceptance with a constant benefit.

Within the project, the European Business School serves as link between the project partners and practice partners “German Lufthansa AG” and “Fraport AG”. Those partners, which are sub-contracters of the Bundeswehr University at Munich, contribute significant practical knowledge to the project.

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